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Patient at Covington Family Dental receiving nitrous oxide sedation before dental procedureAt Covington Family Dental, our dentists are prepared to help you with any anesthetic or sedation that you may need for the oral work or surgery required by your treatment plan. Your dental health is paramount to us, but it is also important that we help you to endure the least amount of pain possible.

While most dental visits do not require it, we are ready to administer nitrous oxide for those that do. Otherwise known as “laughing gas,'' nitrous oxide can help to relax you and make it easy for us to take care of your mouth without you suffering any unnecessary pain.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is an effective sedation tool because the pleasurable and euphoric feeling it induces in you is an effective countermeasure to any incoming pain. Once it is inhaled, it slows down your body’s reaction time. The gas is odorless and colorless and is administered locally. It is also quite useful in how swiftly it works and how easy it is for us to reverse the effects when we have finished the day’s procedure. For all these reasons, we regard nitrous oxide as one of the safest sedation methods available.

Does Nitrous Oxide Have Any Side Effects?

It is unlikely that using nitrous oxide will give you side effects, as only a minority of patients ever experience any. When side effects do occur, it is usually because you have inhaled it too quickly or because the level of nitrous is too high. In such scenarios, there are a number of different side effects that emerge. You can begin shivering, suffer headaches, or sweat excessively. You also may experience unexpected nausea or fatigue.

How Our Dentists Help You Avoid Side Effects

We will always prepare you ahead of time with recommendations that make treatment as easy and painless as possible for you. If you expect to receive nitrous oxide, we will recommend that you avoid eating very much beforehand and right after the procedure. Once we have turned off the nitrous flow, we will give you oxygen for a few minutes to make sure you have no headaches. This oxygen purges the remaining nitrous from your lungs and helps you become fully alert. Through these methods, we do everything possible to help you avoid any potential nitrous oxide side effects.

Why Nitrous Oxide Is The Best Sedation Choice For Children

If sedation is required for your child’s treatment plan, we recommend the use of nitrous oxide for a variety of reasons. Because all you have to do is put a small mask over the nose, it is fairly easy to administer as all your child has to do is breathe through their nose until the gas begins to work. Your child will be able to stay awake throughout the procedure and continue interacting with one of our friendly dentists, who will also assist in keeping them calm and relaxed.

This combination of factors makes nitrous oxide an easy way for us to keep your child from experiencing too much pain, but if you think your child will struggle with the use of the mask, then you should contact us so we can talk about alternative methods of sedation.

If you think that the use of nitrous oxide might be right for you for an upcoming appointment and you would like to learn more, call us today at 253.499.6155.

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Otherwise known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide can help to relax you and make it easy for us to take care of your mouth without you suffering any unnecessary pain.
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