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Root canals are dental procedures used to clean out infections in the root of the tooth. This procedure is so standard that it has become almost routine and at Covington Family Dental our dentists have the experience to treat you when you need it.

What Causes You to Need Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is necessary when the inner layer of the tooth, known as the pulp, is infected or inflamed. This infection can happen for many reasons including poor oral hygiene and gum disease that is not treated, but it needs to be addressed urgently.

An infection that is left untreated can cause a tooth abscess which is not only extremely painful but can be life-threatening.

A patient doesn't always realize they need a root canal because sometimes there is no discomfort. Most people associate root canals with excruciating pain, which is possible but doesn't always happen. In many instances, the only way to determine the need for a root canal is with an x-ray. Therefore, we recommend getting x-rays at least once a year.

Signs You Need a Root Canal Procedure

While sometimes there are no symptoms that you need a root canal, the most common signs you have a problem are:
•  Pain
•  Sensitivity to heat or cold temperatures
•  Tenderness
•  Pain chewing
•  Discoloration of the tooth
•  Swelling
•  Drainage
•  Tenderness in the lymph nodes
•  Tenderness in nearby gum tissue

If any of these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, you should give us a call so that we can look at the problem.

A Root Canal Procedure Step-by-Step

A root canal is usually done in one visit, but it could take up to two trips to our office to complete, and follows these steps.
•  X-rays to determine the extent of the damage and the reason for the pain if you feel any.
•  Administer local anesthetic to keep you comfortable.
•  Place a dental dam or protective sheet over the tooth to isolate the area.
•  Drill a hole in the crown of the tooth to access the infection.
•  Clean the pulp and root canal(s).
•  Shape the area for the filling.
•  Fill the hole
•  Apply the cement that will completely seal the tooth.
•  Harden the adhesive permanently.
•  Temporary filling if needed.
•  Follow up visit to place the permanent dental crown, if needed.

Sometimes the entire procedure can be done in one visit and the longest time will be spent waiting for the anesthetic to take effect.

You shouldn't fear root canals because we perform them routinely and successfully each day. You won't feel anything other than our dentist working and perhaps a pull when he is draining the infection and filling the tooth. The more worrisome thing is not getting your tooth pain treated because it could mean that you have serious issues that need attention.

Please call Covington Family Dental at 253.499.6155 if you have any questions about root canals or you are experiencing pain in one of your teeth. Don't wait until it gets worse! It is never worth risking your overall health, which could happen if an infected tooth does not receive treatment.

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Root canals are dental procedures used to clean out infections in the root of the tooth. The procedure does not need to be scary, in fact it is very routine in modern dentistry.
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