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Bringing your kids to our office from infancy is a great way to teach them how valuable taking care of their oral health is.

Our professionals at Covington Family Dental are trained to manage patients of all ages, and we have special skills in taking care of our youngest patients.

Sometimes treating or even cleaning a child’s teeth can be challenging. The youngsters don’t like to sit in a chair for an extended period, and they get restless quickly.

It’s essential for parents to get their kids used to going to the dentist regularly, so they are comfortable in our office.

We try to keep the same dentist and hygienist so that the child can get used to them.

Did you know that you should start taking care of your kid’s oral health even before the first baby tooth erupts? That’s right.

Teeth begin forming in the womb, and by the time the first one comes out (to the great excitement of everyone in the family), it can already have decay if you haven’t taken precautions such as rubbing the gums with a damp clean cloth after nursing or meals.

How to Clean Baby’s Teeth

Once that first baby tooth has come out, you should start getting your child used to brushing it. Find a very soft-bristled toothbrush made for infants. It should have a small head that you will eventually use to reach the back molars.

Make sure you’re using non-fluoridated toothpaste because kids like the flavor and tend to swallow it, which can give them a stomach ache.

You should also monitor how much tap water your baby is drinking. If you use formula to feed him or her, you are probably getting the right amount of fluoride, but it’s essential to keep that up after the baby transitions to a bottle.

If you live in an area where the water is not treated, we may ask you to come in more often for fluoride treatments to help prevent cavities. You should bring your child in every six months before he or she turns one.

Dentistry for Kids

Our primary goal is to prevent decay and keep your child’s teeth healthy. In this effott, we offer several services including:
•  Cleanings
•  Dental exams
•  Fluoride treatments as needed
•  Yearly x-rays
•  Sealants
•  Tooth decay solutions
•  Sedation dentistry
•  Thumb sucking solutions
•  Solutions to end pacifier use
•  General anesthesia
•  Cavities
•  Root canals

Taking care of your children’s oral health is the basis for strong permanent teeth. Bringing them to our office for routine dental exams and cleanings from infancy will make them comfortable with the process and our staff.

We will also go over proper oral hygiene at home as the child grows older and update the child’s medical history as issues arise.

Our primary goal with dentistry for kids is to prevent problems in the future and monitor their development to determine further orthodontic treatment. Call Covington Family Dental at 253.499.6155 today to make an appointment for your child. Our friendly dentists and hygienists are ready to help you take care of his or her oral health.

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