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Image of a dental implant being placed at Covington Family Dental.Traditional tooth replacement procedures may have been around for a long time, but that doesn't necessarily mean these are the best procedures that you can opt for. Dental implants are a recent advancement in dentistry, and they are the optimum choice when it comes to tooth replacement. Unlike dental crowns, bridges, and complete or partial dentures, which are temporary fixes, dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement. There are various reasons why dental implants are recommended, and if you are skeptical about getting implants, you should visit Covington Family Dental so we can guide you and explain why dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement option.

Prevents Bone Loss

While there are various reasons why dental implants are better, one of the most prominent benefits of these implants is that it prevents bone loss. When you lose your natural teeth, they have to be extracted from the root in order for no infection to set in. Professionals like us ensure that the tooth is completely taken out from the root, but this leaves a gap in your jaw. We will help to heal any spaces and fill the gaps because leaving a gap in your jaw for a long time will eventually lead to bone loss and jaw deterioration. Other tooth replacement options, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, do not help with this bone loss. Dental implants are added into your jaw thereby ensuring that your facial features do not change over time.

Prevents Alignment Issues

When there is a space or a gap between your teeth, the alignment automatically shifts, and this could create more problems for you. You also end up with more loose teeth and you will have to worry about replacing multiple teeth instead of the one gap that you had in your mouth. Your teeth act like a support system to each other and the gap does not help in any way because the space left between two teeth makes the neighboring ones loose and this could create more problems.

Better Functionality

Dental implants provide better functionality in comparison to any other teeth replacement procedures available today. Since they are supported right from your jaw, it feels like an actual tooth and you will be able to eat confidently and even talk better. When you have a missing tooth, there could be a number of pronunciation problems because your tongue will constantly slip into the gap of your teeth. When you get the tooth replaced, it helps you to fill that gap and you won't have to worry about speaking with people any longer.

More Confidence

Dental implants look more natural in comparison to other artificial dental replacements available and this helps you to flash your confident smile even if your front tooth is actually an implant. You should definitely take your time to figure out what replacement you would like because dental implants have a very high success rate. This is why you should give us a call at 253.499.6155 to understand the procedure better. You can also visit Covington Family Dental and learn more about how dental implants can help improve the quality of your life.

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