Do Adults Really Need Fluoride Treatments?
Posted on 1/15/2022 by Covington Family Dental
Unfortunately, cavities are not a thing of your childhood. In fact, one in four adults have untreated decay sitting right in their mouths. And fluoride is for more than just cavities. Plus, fluoride treatments have evolved!

Instead of gels, foams or rinses of the past, we now have fluoride varnish that gets painted on your teeth. This varnish allows you to eat and drink right away.

Fluoride is like vitamins for your teeth!

*Fluoride helps with dry mouth syndrome. Saliva is your friend in terms of a healthy mouth. It washes away food debris, helps neutralize acids, and helps you digest food. When you lack saliva, you are at a higher risk for cavities and gum

*Fluoride helps with tooth sensitivity. Fluoride can help reduce or eliminate the zinger you get when you eat or drink something cold.

*Fluoride helps with root exposure. Root surfaces don’t have the protective coating of enamel like the crown of your tooth does and the area is more prone to cavities and sensitivity.

Our goal is to keep you cavity free and orally healthy- saving you time, money and positively impacting your dental and whole body health. Ask us if you think you would benefit from fluoride varnish.

Chances are, you would!

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