Run for Oral Health!
Posted on 6/7/2023 by Covington Family Dental
Colorful design of four running and smiling silhouetts against a rainbow backgroundAthletes and people who exercise regularly are 50% less likely to get periodontal (gum) disease!

However, there can be negative effects on our teeth during exercise. These include increased tooth grinding, dry mouth, tooth decay, and injuries.

What can you do?
✅Be aware of bruxism. If you grind your teeth, stop. If you grind unconsciously while exercising, talk at your next visit about a custom mouthguard.
✅Breathe through your nose. If possible, eliminate mouth breathing during exercise and sip water frequently to replenish saliva.
✅Select food and drink mindfully. Energy bars and sports drinks can lead to increased risk for cavities and enamel erosion.
✅Protect your smile. If you love sports, prevent tooth injuries with a custom fitted mouthguard.

When practiced with good habits, exercise, including running, keeps your body healthy and can lower your risk of gum disease.

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